This one’s not for you…

In my first post in this blog I said about getting started. Even though that is most important, but I can’t avoid the fact that there will be hurdles.. many objections.. once you start doing something you have never done before. People out there will try to get possession of your sanity and say things which will deviate you off track. And the most outrageous of those are :

  1. Who do you think you are? How funny do you think you are looking with that haircut?
  2. Hey, what brings you here? Don’t look into those, they’re not meant for you..
  3. You better not waste your time and energy trying to do this thing buddy. Do something which you can…

How many times do you remember having heard these? I have lost count of it…And gradually I have come to understand something- no one helps you do anything when you want to do it…everybody is busy telling you to do something else but as soon as you shift your priorities you’ll find that the ones who asked you to shift your focus aren’t helping anymore…and then you regret having lost focus on your previous priorities. That is when we start believing that nothing is going right with us and we stop trying….and commit the biggest mistake of our lives.

DON’T SHIFT YOUR PRIORITIES. Just give a shit to all those bitching behind you and put your foot down. That’s all that you need to do. Who the hell are they to say if you are capable of doing something or not? Do you borrow your time and energy from them that you need to spend them economically?

So just move ahead. Do what you think best, what you find best. And do it whole heartedly. You’ll be a star…

Image result for going ahead pics

-Love R


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